Emotions from the sky by Daniel Viñé

About this series

Harmony. Passion. Vitality. Serenity. Fury. Anger. Excitement.

These are some of the emotions that Iceland made me feel on my last trip. Although I have visited the island on several occasions, it was on this last one that I was able to contemplate it from a new perspective: from the sky. If the land of fire and ice is already beautiful in itself, from the heights its beauty is multiplied. During the month of my trip I used my drone to discover the beauty of a landscape full of emotions: From the fury of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which at that time was active, to the passion for the deep blue of its fumaroles or the colors of the Highlands.

In this collection I have combined the best of my trip with the best of my experience as a photographer in a 1/1 collection of 9 aerial images.

Discover "Emotions from the sky" with me.