Arterial by Daniela Romanesi

The details of nature are always a point of attention and enchantment for me. My quest is to transform the simplicity of shapes and colors into something that can lead our gaze through different sensations. I do it through macro photography.

The Arterial collection brings up a vent after my husband's heart attack. It was a period of much anguish and deep thoughts.

All creation happened through a connection with a tree in front of my house. I got addicted to looking at it every time I drove the car into the garage. I didn't understand why that tree stole so much of my attention. This was repeated for many days until I decided to go there with the camera. When I took the first photo I immediately saw the branches of the tree looking like arteries. So I had the idea of improvising a red background. I went to the stationery store and bought some sheets of red cellophane. I put it behind the tree and started shooting non-stop. The late afternoon sun brought light to the scene.

The collection concluded in a single photo shoot of two hours. It was something quick that brought me a kind of relief... See more