Uncertainty by Dasha Pears



About this series

Uncertainty has always been feared and disapproved of. Yet, people who are uncertain in their beliefs tend to be more tolerant and broad-minded. They change their minds about the world around them more easily and eagerly, constantly upgrading their perspectives. Those upgrades usually don’t come instantly, but in a series of little events, thoughts, epiphanies, and life situations. The project speculates on such instances presenting them in a metaphorical way. The more uncertain people are the more open they are to learning. I hope there’s more uncertainty in the world.

Dasha Pears


Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist, based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha works in a style that she calls "psychorealism". Her uncanny laconic and aesthetically clean art pieces are focused on portraying what might be going on in our inner worlds. Dasha makes emotions and psychological states tangible (or realistic), hence the term - "psychorealism".