About this series

All of us need wandering time, time to just ramble without a definite purpose or objective. The time when you detach and disconnect, and sort of feel like a separate molecule just dwelling between substances, not sure a part of which you want to become. The wandering times lead to wonderful shifts in our perceptions and often mindsets and ways of living. But it's so scary to just wander away from what is so comfortable and familiar into the unknown. And even scarier to just do nothing. Just wander.

Dasha Pears


Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist, based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha works in a style that she calls "psychorealism". Her uncanny laconic and aesthetically clean art pieces are focused on portraying what might be going on in our inner worlds. Dasha makes emotions and psychological states tangible (or realistic), hence the term - "psychorealism".