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About this series

I moved to Italy ill-prepared; I was starting my freelance career after working at American newspapers with no experience as an independent, was still recovering from years of illness with chronic fatigue syndrome, and I didn’t even know Italian. But I was used to change, having grown up in Tanzania as a boy, and I gradually worked up freelance work. Italy is a unique, beautiful place, full of contradictions and delights. I never pose any of my pictures; my imagination cannot match the unexpected visual delights the peninsula serves up, if I’m just patient.

Dave Yoder


Dave is an American documentary photographer whose devotion to capturing unstaged, real moments is reflected in the diversity, spontaneity, and sincerity of his collections. As a National Geographic Explorer and Nat Geo Magazine photographer, he initiated eclectic stories including the search for a lost Leonardo da Vinci mural, the exploration of a lost city in unexplored jungle in Honduras (chronicled in Douglas Preston's NYT #1 bestselling book The Lost City of the Monkey God), and after recruiting the help of all three American ambassadors stationed in Rome, he was granted the best access any outside photojournalist has ever had to any pope, for his Nat Geo Magazine cover story and book on Pope Francis. He was born in Goshen, Indiana, USA, but grew up on the foothills of Kilimanjaro, and currently lives with his wife in rural south west France.