No Tomorrow

I was stepping onto a plane, heading south to see her and capture Autumn when I got the news.
My beautiful photographer friend had died.
Although I got the camera out a couple of times my heart just wasn’t in it.
It wasn’t until I put the drone up here that I could let the tears fall.
There was something freeing about soaring high above the earth.

I cried for the battle that was so bravely fought, but couldn’t be won.
I cried for the total waste of it all.
I cried for all the tomorrows, that will never come.

In memory of Victoria Bowman

“The perfect light in an extra special sunrise.
The most vivid color in a heart-stopping sunset.
And the brightest sunshine in a cloudless day”


Deb Clark


From my home base, New Zealand, I chase the light in all its forms both in my own country and around the world. Creating images that show you the beauty of this incredible world I believe is a privilege.

A Landscape Photographer with an inquiring lens, I specialize in long exposures, freezing multiple seconds and minutes into an instant.

Photography is not a job, it is me. How I see the world, how my soul calms and how I interact with nature. I plan to do it forever!



Extended Editorial


Central Otago, New Zealand


In memory of you




Deb Clark






Extended Editorial

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