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Gypsum Lines by Donna Martinez

About this series

This particular trip is from a healing part of my life. Last year crashed and I am trying to rebuild myself from the splinters I once thought I was. I have to be stronger and more independent. It comes from a realization that all things can change in your life and you never know what is right around the corner. Stand on your own feet always.

So, what looks like a lot of lines is a message that there are many roads and lines that go to the same place. They all curve, turn, wave and wind. But eventually you will get to where you belong. You might even get stopped abruptly. Follow the leading lines of life. If one doesn’t work, just jump over to another. You will get there.


Donna Martinez


I am grateful for the wisdom and experience of life and enjoying my 50s. I am bathing in shadows and light of black and white imagery so I can bring them to others. My work tends to pull in closer and soak up details and textures because that is what I am drawn mostly to. I am so blessed to be in a place in my life where giving back is just as much of a gift as the pleasure of someone appreciating my work. Thank you for taking the time to look at what I have to offer.