Moyamoya by Houston Vandergriff, Downs & Towns

Moyamoya Collection

For Houston Vandergriff there was no doubt his genesis NFT collection should be cloudscapes. “Cloud” defines who he is, or better yet, who he once was.

Multiple strokes in the fall of 2021 sent specialists into a flurry of diagnostic testing, frantically searching for a cause as the threat of another stroke loomed large. In the spring of 2022, Houston was diagnosed with Moyamoya syndrome. A major vessel in his brain was restricted, causing smaller vessels to form…like a cloud. Moyamoya is Japanese for “cloud.” It is a disease more common with Down syndrome and has possibly been there since birth.

During an 8-hour invasive brain surgery, a neurosurgeon built bypasses around the blocked artery. A true miracle of modern medicine. As his brain begins to heal it is evident that he is finally able to speak longer sentences, process more complex thoughts, and recall important facts that once slipped away.

The images in this collection were taken over a six-year period, most of them prior to his brain surgery. It appears he was primarily limited to being extreme “right-brained” since blood flow to the left side of his brain was nearly cut off.

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