The emotions that churn inside an artist which are expressed through the classical dances have a systematic pattern of devotion. An amazingly skilled performer, Anjani here holds the sun in a poetic pose. Her flawless body in costume merges with the sunset in the background. Usually, the costume in Bharatnatyam is very colourful but here we do not miss the colour as the vibrant background celebrates the sun's returning home after a long day.

The sun represents the centre of the universe and similarly, here the artist is very lightly holding the centre in her fingertips, portraying Lord Shiva's Damru. This artistic pose imposes how the universe runs on the beats of Lord Shiva's Damru.

It is easier to identify and adapt different deities in these dances. The theme of mythology has plenty of scope for all kinds of emotions mentioned in the treatises. Devotion has a unique place in the hearts and minds of the artist, thus the intensity of the experience is also high. The fulfilment of such surrender in this art form arouses the element of “Satva.”


Dr Vimal Hemani


Like smiles, photographs are the universal language. When I started doing photography as a hobby, people started making fun saying “there is no fun left in medical science anymore”. I am a doctor by profession. Taking photography as a hobby turned into a passion for me. It was like a medium to interact with the outside world and not get caught in my turtle shell. I see photos as staying with a moment. You can hold those moments in your hand lifelong. It can defeat time for once.

Forceps, knife or Canon I can run both with equal efficiency now and proofs are my patients and these photos with a stunning array of colours and visuals. Photographs have a language, yes, they speak. They can educate you, wake you up, shake you up. In history, we have seen images that shook the world.

Every photo I click tells a story. For me, this is to show the world what I see at any cost, suffer hardships, roaming in extreme weather, patiently wait for hours for just one click, take extraordinary risks, all to capture and convey the story. It is a journey which tells me “May you never stop”



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Dr Vimal Hemani








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