Bharatanatyam is not gender-specific. It has space for both, the male and the female; and it accommodates “Tandava” as well as “lasya” without reference to gender. Here, Anjani poses as lord Krishna and that does not pinch your eyes at all. You would not even think for a second why a female is posing as a male? Would you? No. This is the beauty of this dance form that it focuses on its various forms rather than who and what.

The artist here is so composed and happy to entertain others in the form of playing the flute. Though it is an imaginary flute, we all get so connected with it that we do not miss a physical flute here.

This would be my perfect view when I first open my eyes in the morning. Calm, composed and well-organised beginning of a glorious day should start with this to get into the rhythm of a busy day. The blandness of the sun and the pose pour the joy out of my soul without any effort.


Dr Vimal Hemani


Like smiles, photographs are the universal language. When I started doing photography as a hobby, people started making fun saying “there is no fun left in medical science anymore”. I am a doctor by profession. Taking photography as a hobby turned into a passion for me. It was like a medium to interact with the outside world and not get caught in my turtle shell. I see photos as staying with a moment. You can hold those moments in your hand lifelong. It can defeat time for once.

Forceps, knife or Canon I can run both with equal efficiency now and proofs are my patients and these photos with a stunning array of colours and visuals. Photographs have a language, yes, they speak. They can educate you, wake you up, shake you up. In history, we have seen images that shook the world.

Every photo I click tells a story. For me, this is to show the world what I see at any cost, suffer hardships, roaming in extreme weather, patiently wait for hours for just one click, take extraordinary risks, all to capture and convey the story. It is a journey which tells me “May you never stop”



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