As Roland Barthes said in his book Camera Lucida: "We photographers capture the death of the moment because what we capture will never be repeated again." Photography was invented based on documenting moments for our loved ones and special moments that can never be replicated.

I enjoy looking through family members and capturing their portraits in a way that shows their personalities. In this photo, you will see my 75-year-old grandmother. When she was young, she was model-like, always caring about style and tidiness. Even after all these years, she kept this habit which was interesting to me, and I planned to capture her pictures in these special moments.


Ebrahim Elmi


A photographer who chose to be the voice of people that don't have any voices. I started photography when I was 11 years old with my grandpa's camera. After some years, I went to art school and built a darkroom, after which I became obsessed with analog cameras and the exposing processes. After those years, I went to university for arts to finish my education and got my B.A. in photography to begin my professional journey. My concentration is usually on portraits and documentaries. However, recently I have been doing fashion photography, working with many celebrities and famous brands from my country.



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Ebrahim Elmi






Extended Editorial

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