Fleeting World by ebsshot

About this series

Welcome to a new world where past, present and future intertwine.

A world where the only limit is your imagination.

This collection was created by imagining the world in perpetual motion.

We observe what surrounds us but what we see is ephemeral; barely seen and already gone.

So, does what we see really exist?

Isn't it just an illusion, a creation of our mind ?

This is my first collection created exclusively for sloika.

It took me more than 3 months to think about the concept, select the photos, work on them and create harmony.

At the end I finished with 15 creations.

I kept the 11 best : 10 for the collection and one for an exclusive airdrop as a gift.

Once this collection is sold out :

1 - All collectors will have exclusive access to my next collection.

2 - One of the collectors will receive an exclusive airdrop

3 - I want to participate and get involved in this fabulous community so I want to reinvest 10% in the NFT world to support artists.



Eric is a photographer and digital artist who loves to play with reality to create a new world and new emotions.

Exploring the endless world of photography and digital creation is what he loves.

Welcome between dream and reality.