Anatolia Through The Eye Of The Drone by Ekrem Sahin

About this series

Every artist is grateful for the geography he lives in. The artist is the person who expresses the tenderness within. In this review, I explained the relations of productive people of Anatolia with agriculture and animal husbandry.

Agriculture and animal husbandry are important livelihoods for the people of the region. It is easy to take pictures with a drone in nature, as the landscape does not move.

However, it takes knowledge, experience, and luck to take pictures of life. Taking pictures of animals, machines, and people in motion with a drone is quite difficult.

Sometimes there may be minor glitches. For example, one day I was following a herd of animals while taking a picture and my drone ended up hanging from a tree branch.

This collection was created in different locations, in different seasons, and with different product types over a period of approximately 2 years.

Each photo is an edition of 1/1


Ekrem Sahin


Ekrem Şahin was born in 1981 in Antalya. Ekrem specializes in documentary, landscape and portrait photography. Ekrem also has been giving importance to drone photography for the last 2 years.

Seeing the world from above is exciting. I try to reflect these beauties in my photos.

Ekrem has the EFIAP artistic title and the Global Photographic Union CR2 title given by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). He has received more than 1000 awards and acceptances from many international and national competitions.