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About this series

Social norms and identity distance the individual from the essence. The system draws frontiers and frames, makes the individual unable to get out of this stereotyped life. When all this happens, the individual unwittingly separates from nature and becomes isolated. The body which comes from the soil and star dust and turns back again to the soil and becomes dust. The only thing that doesn't change is essence and soul.

Emre Kapçak


This is Emre. I am a Lens-based Visual Artist and fashion photographer from Istanbul. I have been doing photography for about 18 years. I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Turkey and I am still studying for my Master's Degree at the same university. Usually, I am working with early photography techniques and every darkroom material. I like to get my hands dirty with chemicals while taking pictures and leave my fingerprints on my artwork. And I feel very peaceful in the darkroom. Sometimes I ignore all these thoughts and only work with digital or film cameras and I just focus on conveying a message.