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About this series

Rising anti-LGBTQ legislation threatens progress in the US and at least 68 countries still criminalize same-sex relations between consenting adults. In this gloomy narrative, Pride emerges as a beacon of hope—a powerful reminder that the quest for freedom is universal, and that none shall truly be free until all are liberated. Pride transcends mere celebration, evolving into a potent form of protest against the systemic discrimination and oppression the LGBTQ+ community endures. To honor this 50+ year tradition, an evocative collection of 21 photographs, taken between 2011 and 2022, bears witness to the indomitable spirit of the LGBTQ+ people. With a unique selective color technique, each image is a testament to their resilience: the desaturated background, a solemn nod to the challenges faced in the past and present; the vividly colored subjects, a hopeful tribute to the strides made towards acceptance, freedom, and equal rights.

Each NFT collector will receive a limited edition hand-signed and hand-numbered 16x20" archival giclée print of the NFT collected, along with a 48-page book featuring all 21 images from the series. Read more at


Engin Beri


A self-taught photographer and visual design lead who immigrated from Istanbul to New York, Engin Beri’s work explores all aspects of the urban landscape, melting elements of street, portrait, fine art, documentary, and architecture.