About this series

There are more than a thousand documented waterfalls in Oregon and even more across the border in Washington. Over the last eight years, I’ve walked thousands of miles to experience the sense of solitude and quiet you can only find in the heart of an Oregon forest, surrounded by the roar of falling water. The shifting shape of the water, ever in flux, compels you to find a place to sit or stand and slow your breathing. Step out of time and set aside your thoughts as the light moves and the air, heavy with moisture, rolls away from the base of the falls. Photographed by Eric Muhr. Exclusive 1/1 art collection.

Eric Muhr


Roughly forty times each year, I hike through miles of the most beautiful scenes the Pacific Northwest has to offer, looking for one-of-a-kind perspectives and experiences of natural landscapes. I create fine art photographs that take you there. Founder of OregonExplored. Member of the Professional Photographers of America.