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Night Reflection Four by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

About this series

This series is the result of a creative process that has been evolving over the past 8 years. Crafting light by hand to create imagery that magnifies reality in a single exposure is at the core of our projects. These outdoor tube light-painting creations testify to the importance of two things that inspire my photography journey: a love for light-painting as an artistic expression and a love for landscapes that evoke the vastness, mystery, and beauty of nature. Each image is the result of a long exposure during which Kim, a contemporary dancer, and my creative partner, stays still while I move the light behind her. Combining in a singular way light-painting and landscape photography, the process looks like a performance of dancing light and human stillness in the silence of the night.

This chapter is the simplest and purest expression of our outdoor light-painting art, where the environment becomes a black canvas. Our light-painting journey started in a dark studio in which silence, blinking light and camera shutters were filling the darkness. As we traveled and got to create outside while learning to add the blue hour, landscapes and nightscapes to our light-painting photography, we rarely created images where darkness took a lot of space and light-painting was the main focus again. This series brings light-painting at the forefront, although we can still feel the presence of the environment in the reflection. It is for the viewer to imagine if the hidden landscape is a beach, a lake, a pond or any other source of natural water.

Just as every trace of light made by hand is unique and impossible to replicate, so is every night sky we capture. As we shape traces of light and partially reveal the beauty of our environment, we try to create a slightly altered perspective of reality where reflection is implied.

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Eric Paré & Kim Henry


We’re a creative duo traveling the world with our light-painting tubes, illuminating each of our nights with magical colors until we fall asleep.