Guardians of the Sea by Fabio Antenore

In my almost 10 years as a landscape photographer I shot so many different places from the highest mountains, down to the sea. But there is one thing that always made me feel small and weak. It is the immense power of our oceans. If you stand in front of the stormy sea with waves, as tall as a house and wind stronger than every airplane, you can only imagine how it feels to be on a boat in the middle of nowhere, not being able to find your way back. But there is always a light on the horizon.

This light comes from a lighthouse, which stands tall against all this raw power, to guide you to your safe harbor.

Many of these guardians have been standing for decades. Not even the strongest storm was able to bring them down.

Sometimes I wonder how many sailors thought that they were lost and would perish at sea, and in their darkest hour they finally saw the light, and knew that they were saved.

This collection of 12 pictures is the first part of a series, the first part of my homage to “The Guardians of the Sea”

It is a mix of old and new works. Some are shot within the past month on two road trips with a total of over 5000 km. Some are taken during the past 6 years on different ... See more