There will be light

Some images only carry a story that has a visual component. However, for some of my images, I carry a more personal story wrapped inside of pixels. This is one of these images.

A few days before I took this image, a friend had a very bad accident while hiking in the Faroe islands. I happened to be the only other human around and luckily I managed to hold on to him until a rescue team arrived.

The hours and days after this happened still feel kinda blurred to me. I didn't know exactly if he would make it through and if there was a chance of full recovery.

I got the good news that things may pan out to the positive side a few hours before I took this image. It had been a very rainy and stormy day- days like these make it easy to stay inside and wait for better weather. But they also offer the unique chance to capture some epic light!

This is what happened for this image. I was still very emotional, but pumped from the good news. Knowing that it was my last day on the islands before I had to leave, I sent the drone out to shoot this little village. The drone was almost getting turned over by some of those gusts and after shooting some images which I knew would be special to me, I still had to get the drone back and safely land it.

I brought down the drone with the display showing me 0.0% battery. But I managed to land.

The elements aligned for me for this image- and my friend is fit again as well.

A moment of joy was had!





Faroe islands

Camera position


Time of day


Elements aligned

Storm, Godrays




ISO200, f/2.8, 0/500”


1 / 1







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