Arctic delight

Winter in arctic Norway can be such a feast for the eyes. What few people realize is that the perfect winter wonderland conditions only happen on a few rare days each winter.

This is one of these images that carries a story that I will never forget!

I had been booked to work in Norway guiding a photo tour around a year before this trip. It so happened that my first son was born only two weeks before my trip to Norway started. I felt terrible leaving my wife and my new born kid alone at home!

I arrived on the Lofoten islands one day before I took this image. A rainy week had removed most of the snow and the islands were coated in a muddy and barren dress. Still beautiful, but not the winter wonderland I had hoped for. I went to bed, but was not able to sleep very well. Around 3 AM I woke up and looked out of the windows, only to see a strong snow storm unfolding.

I got all excited for the next morning, and started hiking out early to this favorite location of mine.

Luckily I managed to reach my location in time, when this absolutely magical arctic delight unfolded.

After wrapping up my shooting, I saw that I had missed a few calls by my wife. She had been admitted to the hospital with my son because he had a bad infection. My whole excitement about the epic photography session vanished to feeling absolutely devastated for not being with them. Landscape photography can be quite a whirlwind of feelings.

But the elements had aligned. A moment of joy was had!





Lofoten islands, Norway

Camera position


Time of day


Elements aligned

Unique light, Reflection




ISO64, f/11, 1.5”


1 / 1







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