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Iron Sharpens Iron by FightHers



About this series

IRON SHARPENS IRON is a series of 24 1/1 photographs that celebrate female fighters and the combat sports photographers that capture it all. Each image provides an intimate look into the unique journeys of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

Each photographer and fighter have their unique ties to the world of combat sports, and FightHers is here to share them with the web3 space. A few stories of many to highlight in this collection: Lynn Liu, a ballerina turned fighter. Thai-Ngan Le contending in “Road to ONE” for a chance at a $100,000 contract. Angela Chang fighting, not just in the ring, but also for women’s rights. Photographers Gemma and Jeannie also turn up on the other side of the lens when they’re not shooting images for the community.

Each NFT sold will go towards the fighter, photographer, and this community’s initiative to highlight women in this male-dominated sport.


  • Gemma Fleming
  • Nawal Kassir
  • Jay Velasco
  • Lauren Morgan
  • Mykalin Gordon
  • Helen Tran
  • Jeannie Nguyen


  • Christella Cepeda
  • Jeannie Nguyen
  • Thai-Ngan Le
  • Krystyna “TK” Mosher
  • Hilarie Rose
  • Sarah London
  • Angela Chang
  • Lynn Liu



Whether it's in combat sports or web3, women are underrepresented and often overlooked. FightHers wants to change the status quo. We aim to support female fighters while onboarding the fight community into web3.