Stories of Sex and Self Exploration by Quintavius Oliver

Sex has always been a bit of a scary subject for me. Not because I don’t enjoy it or for any religious reasons but there came a point in my life and my first marriage when I had been so abused and mistreated that the thought of sex made me physically ill. I saw sex as a weapon because it had been used against me in that way. Intimacy was something I had learned to associate with lies, violence, and manipulation but then I met a number of people who used the ideas around and practice of sex as a tool for healing and self-expression.

Over the course of several years, I spent time with many friends, documenting their adventures and exploration in love & sex while learning that we all have the power to love and be loved freely. “Stories of Sex and Self Exploration” is a journey through different levels of healing, trust, beauty, intimacy, and love. I pointed my camera at what made me uncomfortable and learned to let go of everything that held me back from enjoying one of life’s most basic and necessary experiences.