About this series

I do night photography because I love the night and I love the visual arts.

I worked as a designer and retoucher, and once I saw the photos of Denis Smith and Eric Pare, it was love at first sight. I immediately wanted to learn more about light painting techniques. No one around me had done anything like that, which made it even more interesting. I had an explorer's spirit. After my first photo shoots, I felt I wanted to work in that direction and develop it. Night photography with light paintings allows us to capture the invisible to our eyes. It always amazes and inspires me.

This year marks the 5th year since I began my nighttime work. Since then I have created my unique style in which this series of photographs is made.

It was taken in a library in the city where I live. The place often hosts dance balls and I wanted to capture the spirit of the place through the lens of night photography.



Born in an ordinary family in a small town in the Rostov region - Belaya Kalitva. In school years he attended classes at a music school. He was interested in drawing and computers. In 2003-2004 he first learned what Photoshop is. In 2005, he moved to the city of Novocherkassk to study at a higher educational institution as a systems engineer. In parallel, he began to play in a nightclub as a DJ. For the club, a designer was needed, so since 2009 he began to draw posters and flyers. In 2014, he got a job as a wedding photo retoucher for a professional photographer who greatly influenced style. In 2016, He bought his first Sony a5100 camera. A year later, he began to take an interest in and shoot art photos, mainly at night using lightpainting. To this day, art photo is an integral part of life.