Light Sculptures One by FONDphoto

About this series

I have been exploring the subject of light painting for 5 years now, but in my photography the human being has always had a central role. Long exposure and light are my passion. That's how I came to the idea that I wanted to do a series with light in the lead role. I did not want to repeat someone else's experience and took a long time to find a form for this series. I now present the "Light Sculptures". They exist on their own, have an organic flowing form and fit well into the natural environment. I plan to continue this series in a variety of places I get to visit at night. To all first-time buyers, I will give one NFT “Light Sculptures” each from the next series.



Born in an ordinary family in a small town in the Rostov region - Belaya Kalitva. In school years he attended classes at a music school. He was interested in drawing and computers. In 2003-2004 he first learned what Photoshop is. In 2005, he moved to the city of Novocherkassk to study at a higher educational institution as a systems engineer. In parallel, he began to play in a nightclub as a DJ. For the club, a designer was needed, so since 2009 he began to draw posters and flyers. In 2014, he got a job as a wedding photo retoucher for a professional photographer who greatly influenced style. In 2016, He bought his first Sony a5100 camera. A year later, he began to take an interest in and shoot art photos, mainly at night using lightpainting. To this day, art photo is an integral part of life.