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About this series

Japan… the Land of the Rising Sun and the home of the iconic Mount Fuji. Francis Ansing is a landscape photographer who just fell in love with Mount Fuji since he first saw it from afar and climbed its summit in the summer of 2016. He left his job in the Middle East in 2017 and decided to reside and work in Kanagawa, Japan so he could visit Mount Fuji often and explore deeper the stunning country. Since then, he’s been photographing the mountain, amassing an estimated of more than 1 terabyte of RAW files. He would go to the lakes on a Friday night from Tokyo via public bus and would wait for sunrise. He would take another bus to another lake for sunset. Then, he would set up his tent for another day of photographing the mountain.

This collection presents a portrait series of Mount Fuji photographed in three different prefectures: Yamanashi, Shizuoka and Kanagawa. This series shows the different faces of the mountain taken from various vantage points. Through this collection, Francis hopes to portray the magic of Mount Fuji and inspire people around the world to travel to Japan even at least once in their lifetime.

All primary owners of this series will receive a surprise airdrop from Francis Ansing within 30 days after purchase.

The NFTs in this collection are all editions of 1 and priced at 0.15ETH.

Francis Ansing


Francis Ansing is a dedicated landscape photographer from The Philippines. He started his photography journey in 2009 when he got his first dslr camera. At first, he was taking pictures of different stuff like streets, travel, portraits and macro. It was until 2011 when he developed his passion for landscape photography. He often hiked and camped in different places in his home country to capture nature’s beauty. In 2015, he decided to work abroad and this opened doors to greater outdoor adventures and more varied landscapes. He has traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia to photograph and experience places. His images were published in different international magazines such as Landscape Photography Magazine. In 2017, he moved to Kanagawa, Japan to work and explore more the country he fell in love with. Currently, Francis is working as a professional photography tour guide for Luminous Journeys’ Japan photo tours. He also organizes regular photo tours of his own in Asia and Europe. Landscape photography has been his full time endeavor for 4 years now.