Curated by Kristin Piljay

I searched for photos (and series) that focus on and utilize the color blue

SALINITY: Aerial Abstract Photography by Jennifer Martin

“SALINITY: Aerial Abstract Photography” is a carefully curated small collection of 10 images as 1/1 Editions. The collection features abstract aerial images showcasing the beauty of the salt ponds in Useless Loop, near Denham in Western Australia.

Galata Blues

Galata Blues - the dance of the light and geometry is unique. The harmony makes this place an extraordinary tale of silhouettes and shadows in geometry. This collection aims to explore this harmony in its original color: blue.

Entangled in blue

Frost is alive! Dazzling bubbles under the ice are one of the most fascinating natural winter phenomena. Entangled in blue tells the story of the precarious balance of our planet. In Nature's natural cycle, the methane bubbles trapped in winter release into the atmosphere at the spring thaw, both representing life and threat

ENDLESS LIGHT (The Blue Series Collection) by Sketchlight

Endless light is expressed by the fact that it spreads everywhere. It is a light that is not limited and revealed everywhere, even when it is not revealed in the world by its infinite being, it is everywhere openly.

Technique: Light Painting Photography (one single exposure) Light painting is an art form, a technique that consists of creating Images by capturing the movement of light. In all our creations we do the lightning by hand.


Blue Motion is a collection of 12 1/1 long exposure seascape images taken during the past 10 years and all captured in low light conditions. During long exposures the ambient light shifts towards a cool blue tone. It is tempting to correct or warm this blue tone but I have always embraced it doing very little in terms of post production.

Jewels of the Deep

These unique creatures are the real jewels from the depths of the Ocean.

Tangible Colors by Alina B

“I started this series in times of turbulence in the beginning of 2020. I tried to find harmony and hope in eternal soothing visions of human's body, colors embracing them, and natural objects like leaves, flowers, and stones. To reconnect with nature and feel centered. Cotton and linen fabrics are also metaphoric. Covering bodies they protect and give the feeling of home. The use of colors is also very important for me.”

The Beauty of Lake Bled

Ales's signature collection he worked on for 5 years - The Beauty of Lake Bled. Images are from all seasons, but most are from the time when Bled is the most beautiful, winter.