Curated by Gia Kalyani

Through these works, the parallels between the nascent Web3 medium and the ideas of growth, transformation, and positive change are symbolized and revealed.

Special thanks go to Gia Kalyani who curated this gallery for the Provenance in Focus - Photography in Web3 exhibition on display from Dec 6 - 10, 2022 at the Mecenate Fine Art gallery in Rome, Italy.

Deus Salve Regina by Matt Chmielarczyk

Chmielarczyk’s work embodies a metamorphosis of mindset as society changes for the better, capturing moments of joy where people are free to be their true selves.

Dandelions by Hobopeeba

This piece expresses not only literal growth and change of form but also the shifting possibilities of the Web3 medium, allowing for movement and evolution.

World of Long Exposure by Sarah Lyndsay

Through long-exposure photography, lengthy, enchanting transformations— such as water blooming into shards of ice — are condensed into a single image.

Anatolia Through The Eye Of The Drone by Ekrem Sahin

Sahin encapsulates Anatolia’s shifting terrain in a single snapshot as the herd grazes and kicks up dust in an arid field, still waiting for the rain to bring about yet another metamorphosis.

Amour de Grey

Saha's work examines the idea of "struggle coming to an end with positive hopes," juxtaposing hazy grey scenes with evocative messages of progress and change.