The Illusionists

Curated by JP Ren

The illusionists. Photographers who helped me see the world differently.

Special thanks go to JP Ren [] who curated this gallery for the Provenance in Focus - Photography in Web3 exhibition on display from Dec 6 - 10, 2022 at the Mecenate Fine Art gallery in Rome, Italy.

Night Reflection Four by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

The light painters: Eric Pare and Kim Henry are a creative duo traveling the world with their light-painting tubes, illuminating each of their nights with magical colors.

Night Reflection Five by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Night Reflection Six by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Iridescence by Bruno Militelli

The accidental post-impressionist: Bruno has been fascinated by creating abstract images capable of sensitizing the eye and incite the spectator's curiosity.

52Bodies : IMAGHOSTXO Genesis

The ghost: "I believe capturing truth requires the absence of me. My work is a reflection."

Fields of Dreams by OPRISCO

The purist: "500 meters of fiberglass, 200 meters of fabric, 50 square meters of foam, 50 square meters of artificial grass, 250 meters of knitting thread, 10 pencils 2 meters high, 23 musical notes 1.5 meters high. Kilometers of adhesive tape, many buckets of glue and paint. Lots of rolls of film and a crazy amount of time."

Conceptual Abstracts

The fairytale whisperer: "Spawned from reverie and fairytales. These exquisite deities populate my dreams and my waking moments, but each encounter is brief, exquisitely fleeting... then lost forever."

Uncluttered Sobriety

The architectural minimalist: "Original angles, uncluttered outlines and powerful contrasts form the mystery and magic of Sajin's contemplative, simple scenes that feature dramatic lighting, textured details, perfect symmetry, and crisp reflections."