Turkish Photographers Highlight

Curated by Sloika Team

In the light of a strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit at the border of Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6, 2023, we wanted to highlight some notable Turkish photographers and their works, as we want to shed light on the talent from this region as it is represented on Sloika. Our prayers are with families and friends of those affected by this natural disaster. Please consider sharing works of these photographers.

Wild City

Emre Çakmak's images focus on daily life

GEOMETRY by Pelin Genc

In each piece from Pelin Genc's series, "Geometry," we experience elegant, timeless harmony. As she travels the world, Pelin is drawn to places where balance and symmetry dance for a simple, perfect moment. Her use of black and white emphasizes the pleasing aesthetics she finds in the geometric patterns in our daily lives.

Two Wheels

Emre Bostanoğlu's series sheds light on the importance of the bicycle in providing both daily transportation and enjoyment.

Stray Cats by Sami Uçan

It seems that the cats of Istanbul are the friendliest. In order that we never forget them, they come out onto the road to greet us. It is an indescribably wonderful experience when showing their love, they turn around one's legs and jump onto one's lap purring. It is impossible not to feel love and sympathy for them.

Pure Look By Gul Yildiz

We can see the truth much better through the eyes of a child than through the eyes of an adult.

Galata Blues

Galata Bridge is one of the oldest and most crowded places in Istanbul. The dance of the light and geometry is unique. The harmony makes this place an extraordinary tale of silhouettes and shadows in geometry.

Linear Dreams by Nese Ari

Life is actually a fine line between life and death. Lines; they move with us at every moment and determine our field of vision. Sometimes the street we live in, the city we visit, and sometimes it is on the ground where we sleep deeply. The World is full of broken lines, those that are still unbroken are living lines.


This collection is dedicated to those who keep looking up to find a hidden beauty or an inconvenient truth regardless of what other people think of them.

Back to Essence

Social norms and identity distance the individual from the essence. The system draws frontiers and frames, makes the individual unable to get out of this stereotyped life.

Paddy Field and Geometry

Paddy fields have their own geometric shapes according to each region. These paddy fields located around the Red River, one of the longest rivers in Anatolia. In these fields, weeding is still done by hand, and rice is grown at the highest level in terms of quality.

Istanbul on Board by Alphan YILMAZMADEN

Sea travel between Europa and Asia on ferries at Istanbul/Turkey. Journeys are mostly – even if they are short time – a time for individuals to turn into themselves and think about themselves. Mostly what I observe is sadness, loneliness, and isolation.

Universe to Metaverse by Mustafa AYDIN

Bringing "Universe to Metaverse" takes dedication, photography, and astronomy knowledge, long hours of planning, shooting, and post-processing.

All images are shot with remote access telescopes and monochrome special astronomy cameras located in the darkest spots of the globe, bringing the beauty of the heavens above. Post-processed carefully using workflows developed/improved by the artist.

Vietnam is the Land of Happy People

The lives of the happy people of Vietnam which has recently become one of the popular holiday centers of the world with its vast rice fields, mystical temples, and magnificent historical ruins.

Anatolia Through The Eye Of The Drone by Ekrem Sahin

Every artist is grateful for the geography he lives in. The artist is the person who expresses the tenderness within. In this series, Ekrem captures the relationship of the productive people of Anatolia with agriculture and animal husbandry.

Ghosts in the city by Yavuz Sariyildiz

Istanbul, a huge city, where millions live in it. Each in his own way and of course always in a rush. We call this city home but some call it ‘chaos’ as a well-known phrase says. One of us is a ghost to the other.