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Paddy Field and Geometry



About this series

Paddy fields have their own geometric shapes according to each region. It has been seen that it is sometimes square, sometimes rectangular, and even round in some regions. This is a phenomenon that completely depends on the physical structure of that geography. In some countries, paddy fields built on mountain slopes offer a different perspective.

My Photos, on the other hand, consist of paddy fields located around the Red River, one of the longest rivers in Anatolia. In these fields, weeding is still done by hand, and rice is grown at the highest level in terms of quality. Another reason for this quality is the unique mineral structure of the Red River and the natural taste it gives to rice. It is also a separate factor that is obtained naturally as much as possible. The large and small elevations around the paddy fields made on a flat area enabled me to create a geometric composition for the photographs. The photos were taken in Osmancık Çorum Turkey.

Mustafa Gezer


I was born in Izmit Kocaeli Turkey in 1979. Even though I spend all my time taking pictures, my main profession is hospital health personnel.

I am a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and I have the title of EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) due to the awards I have received from photography competitions supported by FIAP. I am a member of Kocaeli Independent Photographers Association (KBFT). I have been actively photographing since 2005. My photographs have been exhibited in many joint exhibitions. My photos were exhibited in many national and international photography festivals. I have participated in many photography competitions so far. I have many Gold, silver, and bronze medals. In 2008, I took part in the FIAP nature biennial Turkey team. At first, I counted my awards, but when I exceeded 100, I stopped counting.

Although I am interested in almost every branch of photography in general, I especially love taking human photographs. Documentary photography is my favorite type of photography. I am also interested in landscape and travel photography.