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Colores de Cuba by Giovani Cordioli

About this series

Colores de Cuba - "Cuba Colors" is a series of 10 1/1 street photographs from Old Havana.

Have you visited Cuba before? With a welcoming culture and incredible opportunities to photograph everyday life, it was one of the most memorable trips of my life.

I enjoy searching for the perfect click or decisive moment, as Henri Cartier-Bresson defined it, and I felt like I was in a classic movie when I was in Old Havana. I used to get up early every morning before breakfast to go for a photo walk around the neighborhood. Without a plan, I got lost in the streets, being surprised by all kinds of stories and wonderful colors around every corner.

Colores de Cuba is the first series of the memories I'd like to share with you from my August 2016 trip to Cuba. Have a good time!

Giovani Cordioli


I'm Giovani, a Brazilian photographer based in Rio de Janeiro who has a diversified portfolio that includes beach, sport, street, landscape, wildlife and some underwater production.

For over 15 years, I've been photographing during golden hour. Like Henri Cartier-Bresson well defined, I enjoy searching for the decisive moments. Photography is addictive and therapeutic for me, especially when nature gives us beautiful light, clouds, colors and great subjects.

In addition to the main archive from Rio, I've done photo essays on places like Atacama Desert (Chile), Barbados, Cuba, Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), Galápagos (Ecuador), Lençóis Maranhenses (Brazil), Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), among others.

Cheers and good vibes from Rio!