Sometimes it is not just the decisions you make that end up changing the course of your life. Some things are, in fact, out of your hands & it is up to you to observe, evaluate, & adapt to seize the moment.

A standard plan of rendezvous delayed by unforeseen circumstances. An audible from taxi travel to the (n)ever reliable subway. A shift in timing that otherwise would have resulted in a quick glance but nothing more. Instead, a solo arrival, a piping hot cup of cawffee & a fifteen minute window to ponder. In my peripheral, some movement. At any time my brethren walks through the door & I lose sight of these other life paths being followed. Strangers who, somehow, someway, have ended up forty floors high on a scaffold clinging to a skyscraper. On the other side of glass, some who were born into an entirely different trajectory of professional number crunching.

Alas, the universe provides. A few seconds to breathe. The moment frozen in time. Roofeeo arrives for his scheduled appearance on Sway In The Morning. I get to chop up with someone I once watched on Mtv. We stroll to Times Square, snap a few, eat at the Seinfeld diner & off to Jersey we go for a studio session with Retch. A day of wins.





GRAMS (b.1985) is a visual fabricator from New York whose versatile body of work spans filmmaking, photography, sound design, motion graphics, and illustration.

His artistic journey began at a young age but consciously became a major pursuit during adolescence when the artist started experimenting with a camera that had been left unused by his father – with the newfound passion primarily fueled by capturing moments with friends while snowboarding.

To date, some of the artist's top achievements include a sold-out genesis drop on Nifty Gateway, Sloika's all-time high sale of 2 eth, and having his work displayed in Italy, Japan, Canada, and America. Perhaps more importantly, GRAMS’ creative lens has enabled him to travel the world capturing some of the most talented snowboarders and musicians alive.

Through his art GRAMS aims to capture the fleeting experiences earth has to offer in hopes of inspiring viewers to put down their phones and explore the here and now.



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