About this series

“GHOST OF THE MOUNTAINS” is a collection of 8 pieces, featuring beautiful 1/1 portraits of a snow leopard. This particular beauty is named “Lovely”. She was found by the local villagers in Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan. Abandoned by the mother, rescued by the people, and is currently protected by the state.

Snow leopards are one of the most vulnerable animals in the wild and are at risk because of poaching and habitat loss. They're constantly fighting a battle and unfortunately, they're losing it! As snow leopards are quite rare, the human population does not know much about this beautiful creature. Therefore, every photo in this collection has an interesting fact, related to the snow leopard, in the description. So people would learn to appreciate this beautiful creature.

Haesum Ali


I am Haesum Ali. By profession I am an engineer, by passion I am a photographer. For the most part of my life, I have lived in Gilgit Baltistan, the land of the mountains, and extraordinary landscapes. I am a self-taught multi-disciplinary photographer, with nature and wildlife photography as the main area of focus. I have been creating visuals and shooting photos since 2019. My photography journey started as a street photographer while I was doing Masters from South Korea. However, my focus shifted toward nature and wildlife when I moved back to Pakistan in 2020.