Santa Giustina

Venice 2021 - I had this vision in my mind for many years. Every time I visited this spot in the north of Venice I missed the optimal conditions to create the deep atmosphere I wanted. This scene needs a lot of fog in the background to separate the buildings and the beautiful, ancient wall but too much fog doesn't help at all. One of the last times I visited Venice I tried to get my shot again and this time the weather was perfect. Light clouds of fog were rolling in the foreground, getting thicker in the background so the buildings along the “coastline” of Venice were hiding deep inside the fog. Again a moment I couldn't be luckier!


Ronny Behnert


Ronny Behnert has been actively working in photography since January of 2007. The award-winning architecture and landscape photographer founded Håggard Photography in 2010 and continues to grow the brand today. His clientele includes hotels, restaurants, various newspapers, lifestyle, print, and digital magazines.

While continuously developing his skills and knowledge, Ronny never wants to lose his amateur spirit. To ground himself in his artwork, he tries to spend as much time as possible exploring the world. Recent series and photos from Scandinavia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Japan and Venice, Italy have already been published in prestigious, national, and international photo magazines.

His work has been awarded the Sony World Photography Award, the german Photographer of the Year Award, the International Photography Award, and the Monochrome Award. He also has been shortlisted for the Felix Schoeller Photoaward, was a finalist for the European Professional Photographer of the Year Award, and has been nominated for the B&W Spider Awards and the International Color Awards, to name a few.

Beginning in 2019, Ronny also works as Co-Photographer and ambassador for the filter brand Haida. He also was chosen as an ambassador for Samyang Lens between 2020 / 2021.





Venice | Italy




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