As a photographer, I always try to discover the hidden beauty in most ordinary, common and mundane places. I believe aesthetic is always there, waiting to be seen like a hidden gem.

Galata Bridge is one of the oldest and most crowded places in Istanbul. Also we would be telling a lie if we said that it is the cleanest place with hygiene. But the dance of the light and geometry is unique. The harmony makes this place an extraordinary tale of silhouettes and shadows in geometry.

This collection aims to explore this harmony in its original color: blue.

Last year, I have worked with a talented director, Onur Huseyin Kilinc, in a photography documentary called Bir Kare Bir Anlam, for a main stream Turkish tv channel, TRT2. I have taken part in 3 episodes with my photography so far. 3rd episode, we shot on June 19, 2022, was mostly taken on Galata Bridge. I believe that the combination of light and geometry is very unique here because everytime I come to shoot, I go home with a photograph that I love.