Dandelions by Hobopeeba



Dandelions represent a fragile beauty that is almost impossible to keep intact. They are a symbol of transience and an airy attitude towards life and summertime. For people living in a continental climate, summer is a symbol of life. And dandelions are a symbol of carefree living. So are soap bubbles. Only soap bubbles can compare with dandelions in how carefree they are. Small, light, airy, carefree life. They are a symbol of a barefoot, air-in-the-hair childhood, running wild and free. We created this project in the Spring and Summer of 2020, being stuck in lockdown. It was a unique time when we longed for freedom and lightness of heart. We wanted to go on long walks rather than being stuck in four walls of 60 square meters. That’s what this is about.



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