Miss Kenya by Hobopeeba



My dream in Kenya was to see the flamingos. Before the trip we did not expect much, so everything that we saw was a real gift to us. Probably, for me, this is the correct way — never wait for anything, and be pleasantly surprised.

The beauty of Kenya’s wildlife is beyond description. It's not just the flamingos. We felt how beautiful animals are in their natural habitat. How beautiful the people are. Look at the giraffes, flamingos, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and Masai people that I managed to capture on this trip, as well as the most radiant girl in the world that I met in Kenya.

Breathing is taken from the outside world. There is nothing more inspiring for me than animals. Thanks to them, I create my best art. The fabric waving and entangling everything around is what I like, so this is exactly what was reflected in these works.



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