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A Sign of Protest by Patrick McAllister

About this series

A Sign of Protest is a collection of photographs that gives pause, provokes reflection, inspires, speaks of unity, and serves to remind us of who we were, are, and what we can become. The Black experience in America is unique, especially when capturing such personal moments. But through art, as with this collection, we are able to share that experience. The days were exhausting, tearful, yet full of hope and progress. A moment in time that saw unity across all backgrounds.

There was something so intense about capturing these moments, specifically the signs, hence the name of this collection. My mind was full of thoughts. "I'm tired of this," and "why are we here so often?" But also, "okay, people care" and "my life matters like your life matters" and "I am beautiful" and “we are, no matter who we are, in this together.”

Patrick McAllister


Through a journey of mental illness, life’s ups and downs, loss, and victory, I have made photographs to capture what words often cannot explain. It is said a photograph is worth a thousand words but more true, a photograph is worth just as many feelings. As an urban sojourner with a camera in hand, I have used streets to capture my innermost feelings. I have paused at sunrises and cried at faces. I have captured movements and told stories. I have shown myself through others. I have tried to make moments last beyond their moment. I hope that is evident and I hope you can feel what I have tried to capture.

With Love,