I've haunted the streets of LA all my life. Here and there, sometimes other places, but mostly LA.

With a sickness I capture moments around me, obsessed by the knowledge that everything's lost.

I believe capturing truth requires the absence of me. My work is a reflection.

I'm not here.

Ima ghost. Just like you.

ABOUT 52Bodies :

Truth isn't found in pose, rote action, or premeditated circumstance. Between the loss of awareness and self possession, succumb to the world around you, adrift the mercurial spectrum of living and dying - our verity lies within the lines of strife and elation, surrendered to life's ultimate cruelty.

We are stars. Expulsed & dying flashes of light. Some named, held in awe. Some ignored, most unseen. An eternal cycle of peerless moments; the ephemeral beauty of simply being, burning, and dying before each other's eyes.

Our bodies are vessels.

These are 52 Ghosts I love with great passion.

I am grateful you are here



I’m a Street Photographer from DTLA who believes that capturing truth requires the absence of me... See more