LFG: To Space! I’m lucky enough to live 80 miles from Wallops Island, Virginia, where Antares rockets launch to resupply the astronauts on the International Space Station. I’ve photographed 5 launches since 2019 and these are some of my favorite shots. If you’ve never been to see a launch, you’re missing out on an adrenaline rush. When that candle ignites, you not only see it but you hear and feel it in your gut. Everyone cheers. It’s a beautiful moment.

For this gatcha series, there are 20 numbered editions and a 1/1. The collector who gets the 1/1 will get an 8x10 print of the image and an official mission patch from the launch that I would mail; both free of charge. In addition, if anyone collects both editions, LFG Day and LFG Night, they will get a mission patch mailed to them free of charge and a free 8x10 print of the edition of their choice.

These works are sold as a gacha.

When you buy, you’ll receive a random edition 1/1 piece from the series.

What's Gacha?