Launch of Antares NG-11 from Wallops Island, Virginia. This was my first ever rocket launch. In April 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in a NASA Social. These events allow you back-stage access to NASA facilities and access to NASA scientists. The culminating experience is a rocket launch. This image was taken just 2 miles from the pad, which is the closest you can get to a rocket launch anywhere in the United States. My heart was pumping as the countdown clock ticked down to zero. When it launched, I wasn’t prepared for the excitement and I wasn’t prepared for the sound. As the rocket goes up, you feel the sound in your chest. When I looked at my camera, I was thrilled to see this shot in the viewfinder. It’s an experience that I never forgot and has led me to photograph many more launches.


Jason Betzner


I have been a photographer for about 11 years. For the past 3 years, I have been focused on astrophotography and space, including the space industry. I am always fascinated by what we can learn when we simply look up. One of the things I focus on in my photography is sharing the science of our world. Whether I’m sharing details about a galaxy or nebula or sharing the scientific missions and experiments going up on a rocket to the International Space Station, I always want my viewers to learn something when enjoying my photos. Sharing the intersectionality of science and art; it’s who I am as an artist.



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Wallops Island, Virginia


Rocket Launch


Rocket Photography


Jason Betzner








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