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About this series

Sin City, Las Vegas, The City of Lost Wages. This is my take on night life in a town known for gambling, debauchery, and opulence. The city of light never sleeps.

Whether walking down the street or staring down from above, Vegas is always moving and always aglow. I tried to capture the movement and grandeur of the city in this series. The movement is captured in light trail long exposures. A street view is photographed at an angle that makes you feel like you are walking down the strip. Of course, Vegas is so bright and brilliant that it’s best viewed from above and so I’ve captured some shots looking down.

It’s Vegas, baby!

Jason Betzner


I have been a photographer for about 11 years. For the past 3 years, I have been focused on astrophotography and space, including the space industry. I am always fascinated by what we can learn when we simply look up. One of the things I focus on in my photography is sharing the science of our world. Whether I’m sharing details about a galaxy or nebula or sharing the scientific missions and experiments going up on a rocket to the International Space Station, I always want my viewers to learn something when enjoying my photos. Sharing the intersectionality of science and art; it’s who I am as an artist.