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TRACES OF LIFE by Jassi Oberai

About this series

Most photographers are reclusive and so am I. A fascination for black and white portrait photography is basically a perspective of my inner self whether it is expressing that sparkling moment or grim state, flawed self or strengths, and most of the times that wanderer in me which I gathered by traveling all over. These images are a stretch of my imagination of putting all that theory into realization, it is a portrayal of traces of life! Traces of life because it unfolds the intrigue of the mystical nature of life itself. Traces of Life is a collection of 9 unique 1/1 fine art street portraits. Each collector will get a high-resolution image to download and use. Artist: Jassi Oberai Collection Size: 9 Editions: 1/1

Jassi Oberai


Jassi Oberai is a multi-specialty photographer from India. With Travel and Landscape as his focus, Jassi delves into portraits, fashion, boudoir, and fine art as well. Jassi loves taking on challenges and that took him into exploring black and white photography, which requires an in-depth understanding of tonality in an image.

Jassi’s passion is much more than capturing stunning visuals, he is all about giving the knowledge that he has garnered in his professional journey and so ventured into creating ’Xploring Light’ a company that delivers in its core competence - photography at all levels. He is a Brand Ambassador with Lumix India and Leofoto.