About this series

The series "Into the water" was born from a slightly crazy and surreal idea: photograph a well-dressed character with his feet in the water.

The first session took place at the seaside in 2017. For ease of use, I photographed myself, and also my daughters. This gives an intimate and family aspect to this series.

But, on the other hand, the characters of this series are also symbolic, fictional.

This series continues my exploration of the mixture of landscape photography, portrait photography and dreamlike photography. Here are: 12 photographs.


Jérôme Paressant


I am a multi-disciplinary artist. First an author and musician, I became a professional photographer over 12 years ago. I believe in the power of imagination and contemplation. This feeds my visual work. I also need to immerse myself in the landscape or in the cityscape. For me, photography is first and foremost realized in one's mind and heart. The best images are dreamed, even in the context of documentary photography that I also practice. I need visions. Photography is vision.