Toque macaque family #15

Toque macaques are a primate species endemic to Sri Lanka known to be incredibly human-like and intelligent. It was early morning and I had just finished working on a large panoramic of the spectacular vista in front of me in the Ella region, when I heard some commotion in tall trees carved into the hillside nearby. After following the sounds I found a family group high up and wanted to get some photos. I was able to get this perspective by climbing up to the highest floor and then roof of the adjacent accommodation building giving a unique canopy view and insight into the lives of these charismatic monkeys.

Edition of 15

Nikon D810 + Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E FL + 2x teleconverter at 400mm

1/500 f/8 ISO 560




Joseph Anthony


Joseph Anthony is a multiple award winning photographer and filmmaker, wildlife camera operator and photojournalist as well as being a lens Ambassador for Nikon. A retired airline pilot before becoming a professional photographer, he also flies drones commercially and his work has taken him all over the globe. Published and exhibited worldwide with clients such as National Geographic, Nikon and WWF, he is particularly interested in telling stories about wildlife, conservation and environmental issues. Aside from being a face of Nikon, he is most well known for his work with big cats, being in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, the historic 2018 eruption in Hawai’i which he documented intensively for 3 months and includes an award winning film about it with global newspaper and magazine coverage and for his other award winning film about elephants for WWF. He wants to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of our planet, help draw attention to its fragility, not just because of a love of nature but also for the survival of our own species.



Extended Editorial


Ella, Sri Lanka


Toque macaque family in tree




Joseph Anthony








Extended Editorial

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