Savage Beauty | Hawai'i Volcanos | Ethereum The Merge Editions

Savage Beauty | Hawai’i Volcanos is a historically important collection of both 1/1s and Editions symbolically timed to coincide with the historic Ethereum blockchain merge that occurred on the 15th September 2022 hence each Editions size will be initially limited to 15.

The series will grow over time with each collection referencing different stages of the Ethereum roadmap starting with ‘The Merge’ on 22nd September to symbolise the merging of the Proof of Work execution layer with the Proof of Stake Beacon Chain consensus layer.

After ‘The Merge’, additional releases will be referenced to the following roadmap words:

  • Beacon Chain - Proof of Stake - Sharding - The Surge - The Verge - The Purge - The Splurge

Collectors of any of the Editions or the 1/1s will be given priority pre-sale viewing of future collections. Multiple purchases will be rewarded with additional bonuses after the sell out of the first collections.

Energy usage is one of the most talked about aspects of crypto currencies and with the transition to Proof of Stake, the energy consumption of the Ethereum network will greatly reduce. The massive amount of energy that volcano eruptions begin wi... See more