About this series

Mountains have always been a place of tranquillity and inner peace for me. Since childhood, going hiking has been an adventure, which evolved into my passion for travel and photography later in my life. This series explores the phenomenon of vanishing memories about some places and how we distort them in a while.

After some time, like 5 or 10 years, we tend to mix up the details about some particular places with others, thus creating alternative realities in our heads that never existed in the real world. I exaggerated that feeling in my works by mixing and overlapping some of the most significant mountains I’ve visited over the last decade.

You may see some repeating elements in the pictures because I have used a limited number of selected photographs for the creation of the series. In addition, I will send a physical print of medium size to the collectors buying the prints on Sloika. Please contact me at @katekkosh on Twitter after the purchase.

Kate Shevchenko


I am a photographer from Ukraine passioned about vibrant colours and simple forms. I have travelled to over 45 countries and want to show these as well as my mental growth through the series of photographs. Also, I want to experiment and push the boundary of photography further. I hope you will enjoy my work and the way I see this world.