Welcome to the Circus by KireevArt

About this series

"Welcome to the Circus" — my genesis collection created 14 years ago. This is an early author's body of works (exhibition series), about Belarusian circus of those years. These are authentic works of performance artists at the very beginning of my journey into photography (2008).

The works were created by a large team that I led and supervised. They were made in order to organize a photo exhibition of the scale never before seen in the country. It was canceled at the last moment due to a disruption in funding and venue. But, a few years later, it was still exhibited in Lithuania in a simplified form.

When these photographs were taken, only the very first decent quality digital cameras appeared in the region. This time period had a significant impact on subsequent formation of artist unique stylization. Later this became the basis for creation of main author's collection

"My Wonderland".



My name is Artiom Kireev (KireevArt). I was born in May 1987 in Minsk. Old School Photographer, traveler. 14 years of intensive creative practice. Received masters degree in Visual and Cultural Studies in Vilnius.

Achievements: Acknowledged as one of the most professional and successful Belarusian photographers. (since 2011 have received an award as the best photographer in the country). Gold Award for first place in the nomination "After Dark" - Proify International Photography Awards 2016. World’s TOP-10 Fashion Photographers 2018 + 8th edition of book "The Best Photographers 2018".

Creator Fairy Tale collection “My Wonderland” (continues to be created for over 13 years). Also the landscape collection "What A Wonderful World". 500 items (largest, mixed genre Art collection of author’s photography that exist on the Ethereum blockchain). Early Web3 Artist. All of my Art is Dedicated to Humanism.