About this series

"How I See New York”

I see New York as a work of art, as a muse, as a source of inspiration and as a symbol and reminder of hope. I’m a New Yorker, I am a husband, I’m a Father that has a day job unrelated to my passion for photography. I have responsibilities to many and after I am done with completing my tasks, I have small windows of time to actually do photography. It’s hard for me to plan to be out there far in advance, I have to take photos with the limited time that is given to me and hope for the best.

I stay in NY not because it is easy, but because even with all of its difficulties, it has many opportunities and I believe on any given day when I wake up to go to work in NY this could be my day. This could be the day I capture something special.

A concrete jungle where dreams are made. Every corner has a story to narrate. Every street is like chapters of a book. Here, sometimes you feel lost in the high speed life. You lose track of time. But eventually, you will find yourself.

New York is not just a city with opportunities, it is an experience, an emotion.

As a photographer, I am on a lifelong quest to capture the essence of NYC. This city has given me more than just a livelihood. I feel alive while wandering through the corners of New York. It helped me discover my passion and potential. My photographs represent my unique perspective of New York. It has allowed me to capture and saviour these memories for a lifetime. I put my best in my work but still feel there is more to this city that is yet not captured.

My quest continues and I am forever grateful.

I ❤️ New York.

Kirit Prajapati


I am Kirit Prajapati, a self-taught photographer, on a quest to capture shots that are overlooked in this fast paced life. My photography is fuelled by my curiousness to capture frames from a different and unique perspective. I am passionate about capturing the cityscapes especially during the ‘magic hours’. The dawn and dusk create beautiful radiant skies. The combination of nature’s art and manmade marvels create a beautiful symphony.

I am a native of Gujarat state in India and currently living in New Jersey with my family. I have captured New York city’s iconic landmarks like Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and many more. Needless to say this is only the beginning and there are many more yet to capture. I won the “My Empire State Building Contest” in 2013.

I absolutely love the New York city’s skyline. I have been watching it for 14 years and I am in awe every time I look at it. There is something about it that makes me fall in love with it every time and I want to capture and share these moments with the entire world.

Witness the city life through my lens.

Kirit Prajapati