"How I See New York”

I see New York as a work of art, as a muse, as a source of inspiration and as a symbol and reminder of hope. I’m a New Yorker, I am a husband, I’m a Father that has a day job unrelated to my passion for photography. I have responsibilities to many and after I am done with completing my tasks, I have small windows of time to actually do photography. It’s hard for me to plan to be out there far in advance, I have to take photos with the limited time that is given to me and hope for the best.

I stay in NY not because it is easy, but because even with all of its difficulties, it has many opportunities and I believe on any given day when I wake up to go to work in NY this could be my day. This could be the day I capture something special.

A concrete jungle where dreams are made. Every corner has a story to narrate. Every street is like chapters of a book. Here, sometimes you feel lost in the high speed life. You lose track of time. But eventually, you will find yourself.

New York is not just a city with opportunities, it is an experience, an emotion.

As a photographer, I am on a lifelong quest to capture the essence of NYC. This city has given me... See more