About this series

Home to me is what the breathtaking sea is to Thalassophile…That home only belongs to you for eternity, the only place with the deepness of the graceful sea, the peace of the sunset at the beach, the warmth of the smashing waves.

My mind is a sea of thoughts, here for setting free my consciousness through the serenity of the waters, calming my storms.

Are you the one whose breath follows the ocean and the blue heaven on Earth?




Photographer Koray Ozpalamutcu graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Turkey as a designer.

Ozpalamutcu's interest in photography turned into his profession in 2010.

He was invited to a project as a photographer by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia in 2017, to Croatia by Istra Tourist Board in 2018, and to Amsterdam by IAMSTERDAM Tourism Board in 2020 as part of Instagram projects, where he took photographs of those countries and shared them on his social media accounts.

In addition, in 2017, Sony's global webpage shared one of his photo series that consists of landscapes in Izmir Province.

He is a Brand Ambassador of Haida Filters.

Koray Ozpalamutcu is currently based in Turkey but travels around the globe for projects.